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Prepared Food-Meat

On Sundays, we prepare our famous slow roasted Beef Ribs (Costela Assada) and the traditional bean combination with beef, bacon, and sausage (Feijao Tropeiro).  Make sure you call and reserve your order in advanced.

We carry the freshest meat (picanha, top sirloin, filet mignon, NY strip, eye of round, flat round beef, beef and pork ribs, pork belly, bacon and pork loin, etc.); pork and chicken sausage made fresh daily; poultry (chicken breast, pre-marinated chicken wings, and chicken hearts, etc.) as well as a variety of other meat products to make the famous black bean stew (feijoada).  Whether you're needing meat and/or poultry for one or many, we're here to cater to all sizes.  We will slice or ground your choice of meat according to your preference.  Just let us know as we are here to ensure that you're fully satisfied.